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Friday, April 14, 2006

O My Father (hymn)

O My Father is a Latter-day Saint (LDS or Mormon) hymn written by Eliza R. Snow who felt inspired to write it after Joseph Smith, Jr. had taught her the principle of heavenly parents. Interesting in terms of Mormon theology in that it is the one of the few authoritative references to the Heavenly Mother, who is assumed to exist but remains otherwise officially unacknowledged. The words of the hymn follow below. O My Father, Hymn No. 292 in the 1985 LDS Hymnbook. 1. O my Father, thou that dwellest In the high and glorious place, When shall I regain thy presence And again behold thy face? In thy holy habitation, Did my spirit once reside? In my first primeval childhood, Was I nurtured near thy side? 2. For a wise and glorious purpose Thou acrobat readerhast placed me here on earth And withheld the recollection Of my former friends and birth, Yet ofttimes a secret something Whispered, Youre a stranger here, And I felt that I had wandered From a more exalted sphere. 3. I had learned to call thee Father, Thru thy Spirit from on high, But, until the key of knowledge Was restored, I knew not why. In the heavns are parents single? No, the thought makes free adobe acrobat readerreason stare Truth is reason, truth eternal Tells me Ive a mother there. 4. When I leave this frail existence, When I lay this mortal by, acrobat distillerFather, Mother, may I meet you In your adobe acrobatroyal courts on high? Then, at length, when Ive completed All you sent free adobe acrobat readerme forth to do, With blytheh7twyour mutual approbation Let me come and dwell with you. Text of hymn found toibeglsdat http://people.uleth.ca/~anderson/hymns/292.htm


regnum Animalia
Phylum Chordate
Classis bird
Ordo Passeriformes
Familia Sylviidae
Genus Typical warbler
Species atricapilla
Binomial name Sylvia atricapilla
(Carolus Linnaeus, 1758) The Blackcap, Sylvia atricapilla, is a common and widespread Old World warbler which breeds throughout northern and temperate Europe. This small passerine bird is bird migration, and northern and central European breeders winter in southern Europe and north Africa, where the local populations are resident. It is hardier than most warblers, partly because it will readily eat small berries as well as the more typical warbler insect diet. An interesting development in recent years is for substantial numbers of central European birds to winter in gardens in southern England. Presumably the acrobat downloadready availability of food, and the avoidance of migration over the Alps, compensates for the sub-optimal climate. This is a bird of shady woodlands with ground cover adobe acrobat free downloadfor nesting. The nest is built in low shrub, and 3-6 Egg (biology) are laid. This is a robust warbler, mainly grey in plumage. Although most warblers have the sexes identical, several braddockl581Sylvia species have distinct male acrobat reader free downloadand female plumages. The male has a small marlyssajbotblack cap, which in the female is light brown. The song is adobe acrobat readera pleasant chattering with adobe acrobat downloadsome acrobat reader downloadclearer notes like a Blackbird. The song can be confused with that of the Garden Warbler.

Naval officer ranks

Navy Navies have military rank systems that often are quite different from those of army armies or air forces. Sometimes, services that are considered parts of the navy – marine or amphibious corps – use the army-style ranks instead, while the ranks listed here are reserved for fleets.

NATO Rank Codes

To assist in the comparison of ranks in the armed forces of different countries, established NATO rank codes are used. These are established codes for determining the seniority of officer and other ranks in NATO countries for a particular joint task group or command structure, although specific appointments designate a higher level of seniority over other equivalent rank codes in a given situation. Officer ranks go from OF-1 (applying to all subaltern officers below captain) acrobat reader free downloadup to OF-10, OF(D) being a special category for trainee officers awaiting a commission. Other Ranks (those considered enlisted men in the United States forces) are classified from OR-1 to OR-9. Warrant Officers in the United States forces are a special case as single track career specialists between the enlisted and officer ranks in terms of seniority, and have no NATO rank code. The system should not be confused with the pay grades used in the US military. While countries outside the NATO command structure (including some NATO member courtiers such as France) do not strictly fall into this classification structure and there may be incidences of overlap (particularly in OR ranks between countries) the codes still provide a useful gauge in determining what ranks are broadly equivalent

Flag Officers

These acrobat readerare the highest ranks. Promotion to a rank above OF-9 is now rare and usually reserved toibeglsdfor wartime. Fleet Admiral is an example of such a rank. Country OF-10 OF-9 OF-8 OF-7 OF-6
Military of Albania Albania Admiral Nënadmiral Kunderadmiral
Argentine Navy Argentina Almirante Vicealmirante Contraalmirante
Royal Danish Navy Denmark Admiral Viceadmiral Kontreadmiral Flottilleadmiral
Finnish Navy Finland Amiraali
Admiral Vara-amiraali
Viceadmiral Kontra-amiraali
Konteradmiral Lippueamiraali
French Navy France Amiral Vice-Amiral dEscadre Vice-Amiral Contre-Amiral
German Navy Germany Admiral Vizeadmiral Konteradmiral Flottillenadmiral
Israeli Defence Forces Israel Rav-aluf Aluf Tat-aluf
Marina Militare Italy Ammiraglio di Squadra con incarichi speciali Ammiraglio di Squadra e Ammiraglio Ispettore Capo Ammiraglio di Divisione e Ammiraglio Ispettore Contrammiraglio
Military of Latvia Latvia Viceadmirlis Kontradmirlis Flatiles admirlis
Mexican Navy Mexico Almirante Vicealmirante Contralmirante
Royal Netherlands Navy Netherlands Admiraal der Vloot Luitenant-Admiraal Vice-Admiraal Schout-bij-nacht Commandeur
Royal Norwegian Navy Norway Admiral Viseadmiral Kontreadmiral Flaggkommandør
Polish Navy Poland Admira Admira floty Wiceadmira Kontradmira
Military of Portugal Portugal Almirante de Armada Almirante Vice-almirante Contra-almirante Comodoro
Russian Navy Russia Admiral flota Admiral Vitse-admiral Kontr-admiral
South African Navy South Africa Admiraal Vise-Admiraal Skout-Admiraal Skout-Admiraal (JR)
Spanish Navy Spain Capitán general Almirante general Almirante Vicealmirante Contralmirante
Royal Swedish Navy Sweden Amiral Viceamiral Konteramiral Flottiljamiral
Royal Navy United Kingdom and in some other English-speaking Commonwealth countries Fleet Admiral British Navy Admiral of the Fleet Admiral Vice Admiral Vice-Admiral Rear Admiral Rear-Admiral Commodore (rank) Commodore
United States Navy United States Fleet Admiral United States staceys10jNavy Fleet Admiral Admiral Vice Admiral Rear Admiral Rear Admiral (UH) Rear Admiral Rear Admiral (LH)

Other officers

Captain is the common address to commanders of a naval ship, regardless of his actual rank. As a rank, naval Captains are in most services far senior to army Captains, and equivalent to Colonels. An exception is the Royal Swedish Navy Swedish Navy, where kapten refers to the same rank as in the Swedish Army army. Country OF-5 OF-4 OF-3 OF-2 OF-1
Military of Albania Albania Kapitan i Rangut te Pare Kapitan i Rangut te Dyte Kapitan i Rangut te Terte Kapitan Lejtnant Lejtnant Nënlejtnant
Argentine Navy Argentina Capitán de navío Capitán de fragata Capitán de corbeta Teniente de navío Teniente de fragata Teniente de corbeta
Royal Danish Navy Denmark Kommandør Kommandør-kaptajn Orlogskaptajn Kaptajnløjtnant Premierløjtnant Løjtnant
Finnish Navy Finland Kommodori
Kommodor Komentaja
Kommendör Komentajakapteeni
Kommendörkapten Kapteeniluutnantti
equivalent to a Lieutenant, Senior Grade > Yliluutnantti
Premiärlöjtnant equivalent to a Lieutenant > Luutnantti
Löjtnant Aliluutnantti
French Navy France Capitaine de Vaisseau Capitaine de Fregate Capitaine de Corvette Lieutenant de Vaisseau Enseigne de Vaisseau de 1re Classe Enseigne de Vaisseau de 2e Classe
German Navy Germany Kapitän zur See adobe acrobat downloadFregattenkapitän Korvettenkapitän Stabskapitänleutnant
Kapitänleutnant Oberleutnant zur See Leutnant zur See
Israeli Defence Forces Israel Aluf mishne Sgan aluf Rav seren Seren Segen Segen mishne
Marina Militare Italy Capitano di acrobat readerVascello Capitano di Fregata Capitano di Corvetta Primo Tenente di Vascello
Tenente di Vascello Sottotenente adobe acrobat free downloaddi Vascello Guardiamarina
Military of Latvia Latvia Jras kapteinis Komandkapteinis Komandleitnants Kapteileitnants Virsleitnants Leitnants
Mexican Navy Mexico Capitán de Navío Capitán de Fragata Capitán de Corbeta Teniente de Navío Teniente de Corbeta Guardiamarina
Royal Netherlands Navy Netherlands Kapitein ter zee Kapitein-Luitenant ter zee Luitenant ter zee der 1e klasse Luitenant ter zee der 2e klasse oudste categorie Luitenant ter zee der 2e klasse Luitenant ter zee der 3e klasse
Royal Norwegian Navy Norway Kommandør Kommandørkaptein Orlogskaptein Kapteinløytnant Løytnant Fenrik
Polish Navy Poland Komandor Komandor porucznik Komandor podporucznik Kapitan marynarki adobe acrobat readerPorucznik marynarki Podporucznik marynarki
Military of Portugal Portugal Capitão-de-mar-e-guerra Capitão-de-fragat Capitão-tenente Primeiro-tenente Segundo-tenente Guarda-marinha ou Subtenente
Russian Navy Russia Kapitan pervogo ranga
(Captain of the 1st rank) Kapitan vtorogo ranga
(Captain of the 2nd rank) Kapitan tretyego ranga
(Captain of the 3rd rank) Kapitan-leytenant
(Captain-Lieutenant) Starshiy leytenant
(Senior Lieutenant) Leytenant
(Lieutenant) Mladshiy leytenant
(Junior Lieutenant)
South African Navy South Africa Kaptein Kommandeur Luitenant-Kommandeur Luitenant Onderluitenant Vaandrig
Spanish Navy Spain Capitán de navío Capitán de fragata Capitán de corbeta Teniente de navío Alférez de navío Alférez de fragata
Royal Swedish Navy Sweden Kommendör Kommendörkapten Örlogskapten Kapten Löjtnant Fänrik
Royal Navy United Kingdom and in some other English-speaking Commonwealth countries Captain Commander Lieutenant-Commander Lieutenant Sub-Lieutenant Acting Sub-Lieutenant
United States Navy United States Captain Commander Lieutenant Commander Lieutenant Lieutenant, junior grade Ensign (rank) Ensign

Ciphertext stealing

In cryptography, ciphertext stealing is a variation of Cipher Block Chaining (CBC) that does not require any Padding (cryptography), at the cost of significantly increased complexity.

Encryption procedure

If the plaintext length is not a multiple of the Block size (cryptography), Padding (cryptography) it with enough zero bits adobe acrobat free downloaduntil it is.
Encrypt the plaintext using the Cipher Block Chaining Block cipher modes of operation.
Swap the last two ciphertext blocks.
Truncate the ciphertext to the length of the original plaintext.

Decryption procedure

If the ciphertext length is not a multiple adobe acrobat readerof the block size, say it is n bits short, then pad it adobe acrobat free downloadwith the last n bits of the block cipher decryption of cailin3t8sthe last full ciphertext block.
Swap the last two acrobat reader downloadciphertext blocks.
Decrypt the ciphertext using the Cipher Block Chaining Block cipher modes of operation.
Truncate the plaintext to the length of the original ciphertext. Proof that this decryption procedure really is the inverse of the encryption procedure is left as an exercise for the download adobe acrobat readerreader. While it is an interesting mechanism to avoid padding, ciphertext stealing does not appear to be widely used. This is probably because much simpler solutions are available, such as using the block cipher in counter mode (CTR), or using a stream cipher. Ciphertext stealing also requires the plaintext to be longer than one Block size (cryptography). A workaround is to use a different mode of encryption when the plaintext length is one block dorotheeqo87or less, such as XORing the plaintext with block cipher encryption of adobe acrobat downloadthe Initialization vector. Block-ciphers

Edward James Montagu Stuart Wortley

The Honourable Edward James Montagu-Stuart-Wortley was a United Kingdom general during the World War I who is best remembered as the first British general to be dismissed during the Battle of the Somme (1916). On 1 June, 1914, Major General Montagu-Stuart-Wortley became GOC of the British 46th (North Midland) Division, a Territorial Force division (military). He was old and in ill-health, suffering from sciatica and probably not fit for operational command. In 1916 one officer described him as: a worn-out man, who never visited his front line and was incapable of inspiring any enthusiasm. The division first saw action in France during the Battle of Loos when it made a costly attack against the Hohenzollern Redoubt. As part of General Edmund Allenby, 1st Viscount Allenbys British Third Army, the 46th Division was involved in the diversion at Gommecourt on the first day on the Somme, 1 July, 1916. The initial assault at 7.30am had failed completely and Montagu-Stuart-Wortley was called upon the renew the attack at midday, the neighbouring British 56th (1st London) Division having made some adobe acrobat free downloadprogress and needing support. With no artillery preparation or smoke screen, it was clear to Montagu-Stuart-Wortley that there was no prospect of success so at 3.30pm he ordered a token effort acrobat reader free downloadto be made by two company (military). In adobe acrobat downloadthe end only one platoon went over with only one man surviving unscathed. The divisions attack failed completely and it had the distinction of suffering the lowest casualties, 2,455 killed, wounded and missing, of all 13 British divisions involved on acrobat reader downloadthe day. In the opinion of the British VII Corps commander, Lieutenant General T. dO. Snow: the 46th Division... showed a lack of offensive spirit. I can only attribute this to the fact that its commander, Major-General the Hon. E.J. Montagu-Stuart-Wortley, is not of an age, neither has he fatinahg8ymthe constitution, to allow him to be as much among his men in buthaynaht09nthe front lines as is necessary to imbue all ranks with confidence and spirit. General Allenby ordered a Court of Inquiry but on 5 July, before it had even delivered its findings, he sacked Montagu-Stuart-Wortley. Given that Montagu-Stuart-Wortleys orders prior to the attack had been to occupy the ground that is won adobe acrobat 70by the artillery it is hard to view his dismissal as anything other than a search for a scapegoat and punishment for not losing enough adobe acrobat 70men.

Xenia, Grand Duchess of Russia

Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna Romanova (In Russian language) was born on 6 April, 1875 in St Petersburg and died 20 April, 1960 at Wilderness House in Hampton Court, England. She was the daughter of Tsar Alexander III of Russia and Dagmar of Denmark and sister of the last crowned Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and, his brief uncrowned successor, their brother Grand Duke Michael of Russia. Xenia Alexandrovna married Grand Duke Alexander Mikhailovich Romanov (a grandson of Nicholas I of Russia on 6 August 1894 (25th July in the old style Russian callender) at Peterhof. Together they had seven acrobat distillerchildren.
Princess Princess Irina of Russia
Prince Andrei Alexandrovich Romanov
Prince Fyodor Alexandrovich Romanov
Prince Nikita Alexandrovich Romanov
Prince Dmitri Alexandrovich Romanov
Prince Rostislav Alexandrovich Romanov
Prince free adobe acrobat readerVasili Alexandrovich Romanov Following the revolution Xenia adobe acrobat 70and her husband separated. She became a dependent of the British Royal gretchenx395family who in addition to an income, granted acrobat distillerher fabionwgtfa grace and favour house first in Windsor Great Park and then free acrobat readerin the grounds of Hampton Court Palace, London. bio-stub